Wednesday, November 9, 2016

MISB Students join RHA for a friendly football match

While Our peers at MISB Bocconi are always up for Social activities, here is a volunteer experience of a football match conducted by Robin Hood Army where students from MISB Bocconi made their presence :)

"Diwali is supposed to be about sharing joy and happiness; this Diwali I tried to do exactly the same. I tried sharing my joy and happiness by participating in a sports event organised by the Robin Hood Army for the nearby unprivileged kids. I thought I was doing something for them, but it is while playing I realised that actually they were the ones doing something for me- they helped me learn a great life lesson.

The thing about childhood is that we may forget our childhood, but our childhood doesn’t forget us. I could not help but get repeated flashbacks in my head while playing with those kids. The most vivid memories of my early years are associated with my summer vacations. I would go out in the fields to play with my friends and come back all dirty with mud stains all over my clothes and bruises all over my body.

I realise that probably my childhood was different than theirs in some ways, but it is also true that my childhood was exactly the same like theirs in many ways. It is the society who segregates us. The way Rizwan’s face lit up when he scored a goal was the same as to my face when I won a badminton game 15 years ago. But it is also true that Rizwan need my, your, and all of our support to become the next Messi. It was an important lesson for me, indeed a powerful takeaway that- equality is not in regarding different things similarly, it is in regarding different things differently."

This article has been written by Piusha Debnath, a member of Social Club, MISB Bocconi. 
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